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Living Large on Planet Bloomberg

He may grumble that city employees ought to “Wear a sweater” rather than crank up the heat in chilly office buildings, but let it not be said that the mayor is not generous! As a break from today’s otherwise exceedingly grim economic news, today’s Times delves into the world of perks available to Bloomberg employees, who get to stay at the Four Seasons and eat at the Ritz and take exotic vacations and pay their kids’ college tuitions in cash with the massive bonuses he deposits into their accounts. And political strategist William T. Cunningham, who was paid $1.2 million to work on Bloomberg’s last campaign, relates a completely fantastical story.

Soon after Mr. Bloomberg decided to run for mayor, he invited Mr. Cunningham to join him for dinner in East Hampton. Mr. Cunningham fretted that the traffic from Manhattan would tie them up for hours.

Traffic, Mr. Bloomberg explained, would not be a problem.

Wait: He can fly? He’s not just Nanny Bloomberg. He’s Mary Poppins!

Living Large on Planet Bloomberg