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Manderson Puts Himself at the Mercy of the Gays

Every once in a while, a celebrity will auction off a “date” with him or herself for charity. We always think this is fun, because even though the events usually take place at lunch, somebody might still spot you with the celebrity and think you are on a mysterious date. And, if the celebrity is fun, they’ll “get you shitfaced.” It takes a certain level of humor for a celebrity to do this, but New Yorkers like Susan Sarandon, Anne Hathaway, and Donald Trump do it now and again. Anderson Cooper has been known to sell himself off for a good cause, and he’s doing it again this month for Bailey House, a charity for homeless people with AIDS. The audience is certain to have a modicum of well-to-do gay gentleman in the audience, considering the history of Bailey House, and what’s more, the hosts and auctioneers will be Tim Gunn and Simon Doonan.

Here’s his auction item description:

In this hot global political climate, no one reports the details better than CNN anchor and international globetrotter Anderson Cooper. Enjoy lunch with Mr. Cooper and a guest of your choice. Value: Priceless

Priceless indeed. We think Anderson may be putting himself (and his sexy arms) at a little bit of a risk here — we expect a scene like Daniel in the lion’s den, except, of course, God isn’t going to be paying attention this time.

Auction Index [Bailey House via In Touch]
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Manderson Puts Himself at the Mercy of the Gays