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The Media Tries to Make Nice

The media is learning that sometimes teamwork is the best way to save oneself, so everyone is trying to get along! Except for Fox and HuffPo. But they’ll probably always be on opposite sides of the playground.

• Time Inc. and Source Interlink Co. kissed and made up, so Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and People’s Oscar megacoverage will reach newsstands everywhere. Thank heavens! [MediaInk/NYP]

• The Times is kicking ass and taking names in D.C., where they now have a larger foreign-affairs bureau than its hometown paper, the Washington Post. [Washingtonian via Mediabistro]

• Maybe if news organizations learn to practice teamwork they will have a shot at making it in the big wide world of the Internet. [BusinessWeek via Mediabistro]

• Fox News vs. HuffPost: The Fair and Balanced network caught the website in a lie, when a Huffington Post headline claimed Fox’s John Gibson “Compares Eric Holder to Monkey with Bright Blue Scrotum.” Spoiler alert! He didn’t. [Politico]

• Hearst reportedly laid off at least four staffers at Good Housekeeping today. The publishing megahouse may be cutting their permalancers as well. But who will run the magazines? [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• No party for magazines this year. The Magazine Publishers of America has canceled this year’s conference. [Media Week]

The Media Tries to Make Nice