Okay, Fine, the Economic Crisis Is Sex and the City’s Fault

Michael Patrick King, the writer-director of Sex and the City, confirmed yesterday what we’d already heard: that the popular franchise was going to produce another movie. But the plotlines won’t be as upsetting as last time. According to Marc Malkin, King explained, “In the last movie, I thought (fans) wanted to see an epic and violently tragic love story, and drama, but I don’t think you go to that candy store twice.”

Okay, the last movie took nearly $410 million from our wallets worldwide. Not to mention all of the money we spent on popcorn, accessories, and cocktails that we sneaked into the theater in water bottles. But that was a different time! The economy hadn’t collapsed yet! We could look at ridiculous, impractical gladiator sandals and think, “I should get those! Why not? My adjustable-rate mortgage is looking great!” But now we can’t afford those giant colored cocktails and expensive, ridiculous dresses with giant flowers on them. Everything is small, conservative, and frugal instead of big, garish, and shoulder-padded. Even Sarah Jessica Parker recently said that Carrie Bradshaw “would probably end up in a hospital” during this recession.

In addition to reminding us of our high-flying former selves, King and company are going to take our money all over again? Really? We’re just not that into that.

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Okay, Fine, the Economic Crisis Is Sex and the City’s Fault