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Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Are Engaged

We here at Daily Intel hate Ryan Adams. Our fag hags over at Vulture think he’s okay, but they haven’t been manipulated and lied to by him. They just get to listen peacefully to his music, while we must contemplate the twisted mindfuck that is his personal life. God. If only we didn’t have to write about him.* Then our lives would be so much better.

Here’s the background: Last March, we heard a rumor that Ryan was dating Mandy Moore, and we wrote about it. A couple of weeks later, he accosted one of our reporters, angrily shrieking that we had printed lies about him and her. Then, last June, he sent out a press release that said they’d been dating the whole time. We assumed Mandy had noted Ryan’s erratic behavior and learned her lesson. She went on to re-date DJ AM, because you know, he got burned in a plane crash and life is short. But now, we hear that Ryan and Mandy are back together, and they are engaged. The story comes from Life & Style, a source we don’t always trust, but In Touch was right about their last story about the two — and they’re basically the same magazine.

Anyway, whew. Congratulations, Ryan and Mandy. Mandy, we will always love for your early-aughts big-screen movies that should have been on Lifetime, and for American Dreamz. Ryan, well, we’re sorry we went all Cindy Adams on you. But you did it to us first.

Mandy and Ryan Reported Engaged [Pop Eater]

*We don’t have to write about him, actually. We only do so because it makes him so crazy. And crazy people make good music! Just look at Janet Jipler.

Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Are Engaged