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The Media Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening to Its Body

Today our beloved media suffered some serious losses, tried to pick up some younger chicks (Newsweek, you don’t have to look so desperate), and went shopping for a bigger house. It is a very confusing time for media. But thankfully, the Times made a really pretty chart to help us understand everything!

• Time Warner lost a lot of money. [NYT]

• Time Inc., Bauer, and American Media are now playing a full-on, to-the-death game of chicken with magazine distributors Anderson News and Source Interlink: Magazines such as People and Time will not make it to Wal-Mart’s shelves this week. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• More sort-of good news: Apparently the rough economy has actually helped television evening newscasts. So maybe someone will still have jobs to offer. [Yahoo]

• And now News Corp is expected to cut jobs at The Wall Street Journal and other properties, including Britain’s Times, in the next few weeks. [FT]

• Also, layoffs at Bloomberg. [NYP]

Allure may be the next magazine to die, though an informal Gawker poll says there are other, more deserving titles that should get the ax first. [NYP, Gawker]

• Condé Nast is looking for a home upgrade anyway. Maybe there’s a skyscraper in foreclosure? [NYO]

• Twitter goes to Washington! Journalists are now Twittering from the White House briefing room. So if you’ve always wondered who generally wins briefing-room musical chairs, now you can find out. Journalism at its best! [Politico]

The Media Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening to Its Body