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‘There Is No Connection Between The Bidens and Allen Stanford’

So as it turns out, Paradigm Global Advisors, which is owned by Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his uncle James, had a fund operated by Stanford Financial, which is owned by R. Allen Stanford, the kooky billionaire whom the SEC charged with running an $8 billion scam last week. Paradigm terminated the relationship right when charges were filed, has agreed to give up Stanford’s investments in the fund to a court-appointed receiver, and all and all appears to be above the board on their end, except one thing: When the Wall Street Journal called the company’s attorney to find out what the vice-president’s family’s relationship with the known and highly colorful criminal was like, their lawyer got, in our opinion, suspiciously defensive:

There is no connection between the Bidens and Allen Stanford or Stanford period, full stop,” he said. “There never was any meeting between any member of the Biden family, no phone calls, zero correspondence.”

Nor did Jill Biden ever sit on Stanford’s lap, or ruffle his mustache and claim that it reminded her of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, the hedgehog from the Beatrix Potter children’s books. That never happened. Full stop.

Stanford Had Links To A Fund Run By Bidens [WSJ]

‘There Is No Connection Between The Bidens and Allen Stanford’