We Are Confused by Page Six Magazine’s ‘Hottest Bachelors’ List

This weekend, Page Six Magazine (which will switch from weekly to quarterly this month) ranked what it called New York’s “50 Hottest Bachelors.” We looked over the slideshow on their website, and we have some questions.

1. Are people technically bachelors if they’re engaged?
2. Ron Burkle? Really?

3. Isn’t this Gotham magazine’s yearly gimmick?
4. How has Padma Lakshmi dated so many of these people?
5. Why aren’t any of these people openly gay? Fifty percent of the handsome men in Manhattan are — it’s just not strategically accurate. All that’s represented on this list are the 25 percent of Manhattan men who are secretly gay.
6. And if this is a list for women, how come so many of the men are bears?
7. What, exactly, do the editors of Page Six Magazine think the word “hot” means? We must have been using it wrong all these years.

Anybody with answers, or the cell-phone number of Bachelor No. 46, please help us out in the comments.

50 Hottest Bachelors [Page Six Magazine]
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We Are Confused by Page Six Magazine’s ‘Hottest Bachelors’ List