We Are Worried About Rihanna

A-Rod was supposedly partying in the Bahamas when news broke of his steroid use, but Cindy Adams says not so, he was at the hospital in Miami, where his daughter, Natasha, had a serious staph infection. Patricia Field supposedly had a big birthday blowout at Amalia on Sunday with guests including the Ugly Betty cast and Debbie Harry. Chris Brown was arrested for beating up a woman, and people believe that woman was his girlriend, Rihanna. Jay-Z and welterweight champ Andre Berto partied at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Josh Hartnett jumped and danced on the couches at Greenhouse nightclub on Varick Street. Spike Lee had breakfast at the Regency Hotel.

Ivana Trump got a “make-under” from Harper’s Bazaar. Will Ferrell, in his one-man show as Dubya, gave a profane nickname to an audience member who said they were a New York Times reporter. Those sickos at Heeb magazine are having a “Fake Holocaust Memoir Competition.” Cindy told Confessions of a Shopaholic star Isla Fisher that she was crazy for taking off her mini-coat outside at the movie’s premiere when it was 12 degrees outside. And Isla gave it right back to Cindy and told her that she was crazy. Meanwhile, Liz Smith’s fawning over Elaine May is completely out of control. Sean Combs may be angry at a rapper who has written a tell-all that basically says Diddy never came through on his promise to produce the guy’s music.

Matthew Broderick appeared freaked out when stuck in an elevator in L.A. with country singer Jamey Johnson. Eddie Murphy has been ordered by a court to pay $10 million in child support to the baby girl he had with Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown — that’s $50,000 a month until the girl turns 18. Why couldn’t those two have conceived us instead? Usher canceled appearing at Clive Davis’s big pre-Grammy party to go be with his wife, who had complications from plastic surgery in Brazil. And at the same party, Whitney Houston made (the start of) a comeback. Amy Winehouse is starting proceedings for divorce from her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Jessica Hart is very bored with her new Tribeca neighborhood and very worried about her upcoming appearances on The City. American Idol guy Simon Cowell reportedly paid the debts of season-three winner Fantasia Barrino to stop her home from being sold off after she fell behind in the mortgage. document.querySelector(`[data-uri*="/${name}/"]`)), hasExcludePaywallTags: /coronavirus news|pivot|paywall exclude/i.test(keywords.join(',')) }; const structuredData = { '@context': 'http://schema.org', '@id': '#articleSchema', hasPart: { '@type': 'WebPageElement', cssSelector: '.article-content', isAccessibleForFree: false }, isAccessibleForFree: false }; for (const condition of Object.keys(freeConditions)) { if (!freeConditions[condition]) continue; structuredData.isAccessibleForFree = true; structuredData.hasPart.isAccessibleForFree = true break; } const ldJsonScript = document.createElement('script'); ldJsonScript.type = "application/ld+json"; ldJsonScript.innerHTML = JSON.stringify(structuredData); document.head.appendChild(ldJsonScript);