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Ad Age Reducing Issues

Ad Age will publish fewer issues this year — but don’t worry, they anticipate cutting fewer than ten. [NYO]

• Time, Inc. is testing an idea for a customized magazine. [Romenesko]

• Pensions have been “modified” at Condé Nast. Wait, some media people still have pensions? [Media Ink/NYP]

• The Wild West is basically over newspapers: After major losses in Seattle and Denver and reports of ongoing trouble at the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Diego Union-Tribune was sold to a private-equity firm that believes it can turn things around. [Romenesko]

• By the way, there is no such thing as an entry-level job in media — just a crappy one. This news is causing NBC’s pages to rethink their life choices. Kenneth Ellen Parcell was spotted riding the river of his own tears back to his Georgia pig farm. [Gawker]

Ad Age Reducing Issues