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AIG Exec Responds to Critics: ‘About My Balls…’

We missed this, but Paul Harriman, an AIG executive director and husband of the woman who wrote a Live Journal entry last week about her frustrations with the company, the federal government, and the unwashed masses clamoring for her beloved’s head on a pike, wrote his own blog entry last week defending himself against said masses. He took it down after it was posted on Clusterstock and attacked by commenters, who referred to him as the Husband of the Whiny Bitch, but responded to his critics point by point in the comments. We particularly enjoyed his closing argument, and not just because he says “balls.”

Finally about my balls. I read a lot of stuff about how I’m an enabler, a whiner, a ball-less wonder who should have quit long ago. I don’t really know what to say to you, except here on the internet we’re free to say what we want. Perhaps posting here tells you something about me that you don’t know, or care. And your flaming, well, I’m used to it, I’ve been on the internet a long, long time. Got a death threat? You in America? I’m shaking, no really. That’s not to say my American friends haven’t been completely terrorized by y’all, but I’m not in America. The UK hasn’t really found any of this to be big news, except maybe a lesson about how in America, contracts can be broken for political reasons. AIG aren’t bankrupt, and yes, thanks to the government. Maybe it should have been bankrupted like Lehman. I don’t really know, at this point, but you and I are stuck with a trillion and a half worth of unwind and if you don’t manage your investment right, we all get to watch what happens.

God, this whole AIG thing was kind of made for the Internet, wasn’t it? Everyone’s all full of righteous indignation, but no one will actually win.

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AIG Exec Responds to Critics: ‘About My Balls…’