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Finance Groupies Reevaluate Priorities in Light of Economy

Last year, when it was still, in everyone’s minds at least, the Second Gilded Age, a young woman at the distinctly of-its-time mingling event Fashion Meets Finance tossed her highlights and declared: “Women want to meet successful men. You don’t want to marry some loser.” Added her friend, who was also looking for a John wealthy husband: “His income has to be higher than mine. All women are looking for labels or love.”

Now, with the economy plummeting, such women have downgraded their expectations. Recently WNYC (spurred, no doubt, by the Dating A Banker Anonymous phenomenon) followed a group of them as they went on the prowl … at an event that paired recruiters with bankers who have been laid off. One of them, Gati, explained to the interviewer how she’d “reevaluated” her principles in light of the recession.

Back in the day, maybe two or three years ago, I would have allowed him to pay up through the sixth date,” she explained. “But at this point, I’m asking at the second and third date, do you want me to like, here’s some cab money … 

That’s so sensitive! Gati went on:

My evaluation has changed. Now I’m looking for a man who’s okay to pay, not because he has the money, but he’s okay to pay because he has the foresight to save enough, if and when he’s in the layoff situation.

That’s sweet. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a job! Gati will accept you as you are! She loves you for you! (As long as you can still pay for the Prada.)

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Finance Groupies Reevaluate Priorities in Light of Economy