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Daily Intel Outperformed by Martha Stewart’s French Bulldogs

We know it feels like your Daily Intel editors Chris and Jessica have been here forever. (We’ve been around since Gossip Girl started, after all, and who remembers a time before that?) But as it turns out, we’ve only been blogging here for just over a year and a half. It’s a long time in blog years (which, like dog years, have been carefully calibrated so that nobody gets surprised when your heart gives way after nine years). But still, it’s not long enough for us to achieve nationwide fame. We thought.

See, last night, our party reporter Bennett Marcus went to a party celebrating the Broadway opening of God of Carnage. Bennett, if you haven’t noticed the bylines on, is a genius reporter. He can get anybody to talk to him, and he knows just what we editors want to hear.

Since Bennett is our old friend and ally, it was with a heavy heart that he passed along the latest gossip he heard. At the party, he talked to Daily Intel favorite Martha Stewart. He asked her about her website’s new blog, The Daily Wag, which is authored by her French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey. “Well, everybody wants to meet Francesca and Sharkey — F and S we call them now,” she told Bennett, beaming. “They’re going to be on the Today show on Wednesday,” she said.

For the record, the Daily Wag blog started this month. And its authors are already going on the Today show. Jessica and Chris have never been invited on the Today show, and they have been at it for over twenty times as long. It’s bad enough when our peers skyrocket ahead of us to success. But a pair of French bulldogs? That’s just — well, it’s just too much.

Daily Intel Outperformed by Martha Stewart’s French Bulldogs