Demon Appears in NYPD Precinct, Fills Out Police Reports

Lieutenant Dominic Maglione of the NYPD has been having a tough time. After giving up drinking, he turned to Christianity and a new marriage to clean up his life. The marriage went well, but the whole religion thing didn’t turn out so hot. Soon enough, he wasn’t eating, began isolating himself from co-workers and friends, and eventually was committed to a psychiatric ward. He was diagnosed with bipolar, mood, psychotic, and delusional disorders, and eventually had to give up his badge because of a psychotic episode. What was the “episode,” exactly? He saw a demon in the station house.

That’s right, a demon. But that’s not the most sketchy part of this story. In the police report, the officer in charge recorded that at the time of the sighting, Maglione was “alarmingly thin, his skin was pale, and he was malodorous.”

Malodorous?” We’re supposed to believe that’s the kind of language cops use in standard reports? Maybe he wasn’t so crazy to think that one of his co-workers was possessed…


Demon Appears in NYPD Precinct, Fills Out Police Reports