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Ed Westwick at the Knicks Game: Gay or European?

We’ve been seeing this picture floating around the Internet all week, and the other day, while on a plane, we saw it in In Touch. The celebrity weekly did everything in its power not to call Ed Westwick gay, but they came close. “Ed’s girlfriend and co-star Jessica Szohr was noticeably absent,” they observe. “But fans shouldn’t be worried about his ‘bromance breakup’ with Chace [Crawford], says an insider. ‘That will never be over — they’re both too needy!’”

Let’s be clear: We don’t think Ed Westwick is gay. We’ve met him in person and he oozes dudeness, and plus, one of our girlfriends totally hooked up with him. (As did, we occasionally suspect, Intel commenter Sarcastic Meow.) But there is something so bizarre about this picture! So we polled all of our friends who are both gay and European to see whether they think Ed is just acting out his naturally British impulses with this mystery man, or acting out impulses of another kind.

Ed at the Knicks Game


Unfortunately, our experts were split. “Either he’s insanely gay, or is just out of Italian Gigolo boot camp and finding it hard to brush off the skills he was taught,” one fashion and travel writer opined. “They are at a Knicks game … so I’m thinking European, not Gay,” mused Nike Communications’ Peter Malachi. And Nick Denton, who is not one to hold back from gay speculation, firmly declared the situation “European” nonetheless. What do you guys think?

Ed Westwick at the Knicks Game: Gay or European?