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Five Months Later: What’s Happened to Everyone at Men’s Vogue

Earlier this week we discovered that Michael Mraz and Hudson Morgan, in the free time that the media bestowed upon them after Men’s Vogue shuttered, wrote a seemingly awesome screenplay and are shopping it around. And it got us to thinking: What happened to the rest of Mogue? An entire magazine existed one day, with a full staff, and then one day it didn’t. This might be an interesting project, to track down an entire masthead’s worth of laid-off staffers. So we got a former intern from the magazine, Andrew J. Nusca, to hunt down as many of his colleagues as he could find. After the jump, we have details on what nearly every member of the edit staff is up to now. Surprisingly few of these former Condé Nasties are traveling around Latin America to find themselves, which comes as something of a relief. If we lost our jobs, we’d be traveling around our parents’ kitchen to find the liquor.

Anna Wintour (Editorial Director): Still at Vogue.
Jay Fielden (Editor-in-Chief): Still at Vogue.
Courtney Sava (Art Director): Relocated to Los Angeles.
Stephen Watson (Fashion Director): Now a contributing editor at Condé Nast Portfolio.
Michael Mraz (Managing Editor): With Hud Morgan is shopping their first screenplay, Wet Dreams, a feature comedy about a disgraced Olympic swimmer who is forced to work at a water park.

Corey Seymour (Senior Editor): Currently editing and writing for Tar, Rolling Stone, and
Tasha Green (Associate Editor): Designing for fledgling fashion label Hester with Mauricio Quezada.
Hudson Morgan (Associate Editor): See Michael Mraz.
Ned Martel (Editor-at-Large): Reviewing television shows for the New York Times. [Ed: And, we hear, interviewing for a certain highly placed newspaper job.]
Sarah Jenks-Daly (Media and Entertainment Editor): Has written for Teen Vogue.
Taylor Antrim (Articles Editor): Writing about books for the Daily Beast.
Nicholas Mosquera (Features Assistant): According to Facebook, he’s been traipsing through India.
Liz McDaniel (Assistant to the Managing Editor): Freelance writing.
Chloe Kamark (Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief): According to Facebook, analyzing policy for Blue Star Families for Obama.

Sara James (Fashion News Editor): Acting style editor at WSJ., the magazine, and currently pitching next young-adult fiction series.
Alvaro Salazar (Style Editor): Spending time in Brazil.
Mordechai Rubinstein (Associate Market Editor): Is still snapping photos on and recently did a shoot for Paper.
Mauricio Quezada (Associate Fashion Editor): Designing for fledgling fashion label Hester with Tasha Green.

Bonnie Morrison (Special Projects editor): Returned to public relations.

Stephanie Waxlax (Photo Editor): According to Facebook, just became mother to a baby girl!
Jamie Prokell (Associate Art Director):. Freelance art director for several magazines.
Renee Rupcich (Assistant Art Director): Went on to briefly be associate art director of Domino.
Quinn Shamlian (Photo Research Editor): Photo editor at CITY magazine.
Jonathan Owen Black (Photo Assistant): Producer/agent for Atelier.
Jason Storm (Art Assistant): Freelance photographer and graphic designer.
Ellen Zguta (Production Manager): Digital asset manager at NVIDIA.
Jenna Todd (Production Assistant): Editorial production, The New Yorker.
Daron Murphy (Research Chief): According to his website, he’s producing music at Gowanus Sound Initiative.

Five Months Later: What’s Happened to Everyone at Men’s Vogue