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George David Counted on His Countess

Today’s Douglas-David boxing-match update has only one round: According to Marie Douglas-David, her contribution to the marriage she shared with George David consisted of more than just “forced” sex on exotic trips around the world. The Swedish countess was also a key business consultant, using her consulting and aerospace background to advise her husband on issues like staffing, transitions, earnings, revenue growth, and huge mergers and acquisitions. She also helped him get powerful friends like former Citi chair Sanford Weill.

David’s lawyers dismissed all this as “pillow talk.” “I don’t remember specific conversations with Marie [about business],” George insisted. “But it’s like you go home and talk to the dog.” Ouch.

Victor: The dog, who needs to get a lawyer and sue for his portion of this business, stat.


George David Counted on His Countess