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In Relationships, Michael Strahan Not So Good on D

Michael Strahan holds the record for NFL sacks in a single season, and was the league’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2001. Yet, off the field, he just can’t seem to get those skills to translate. Worried that his girlfriend, Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of comedian Eddie), was cheating on him, he placed a GPS tracking device in her car: not once, but twice. And yet Murphy managed to see Universal Records A&R exec Demetrius Spencer for nearly a year behind his back. The pair went on sexy beach vacations together and exchanged lovey-dovey e-mails for months — notes that the New York Post managed to get hold of easier than Strahan did. And the one time when Strahan managed to catch her doing something worrisome with her car, he showed up too late to stop it.

Explains the Post:

Things came to a head Feb. 20, after Spencer and Murphy took her Range Rover to a luxury dealership in Thousand Oaks, Calif.. Mechanics quickly discovered the tracking apparatus. “This is the second tracking device he’s had put in her car,” one source said. “This one was found behind the front dashboard.” Murphy and Spencer went to have lunch while the tracer — which one source said provided up-to-the-minute location status — was removed. Seconds later, Strahan barged into the garage, “yelling and screaming,” a source said. Spotting Murphy’s car with the tracking device exposed, Strahan walked over, ripped it off the dashboard and stormed out of the shop.

Seriously, this is a guy whose job it was to stop NFL quarterbacks from doing things he didn’t want them to. And he was good at it. And Nicole Murphy, a 40-year-old model who probably weighs 109 pounds, is getting by him?


In Relationships, Michael Strahan Not So Good on D