Lindsay Lohan: Not Working? No Problem!

Lindsay Lohan, who hasn’t had a movie role for two years, says she’s worried about being out of work. But we’re glad to hear the starlet’s not stressing out too much about it; she just got a new Maserati and a Rolex, fueling fights with her slightly more modest girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. Oh, and she also thinks modeling with IMG would be fun. Lauren Conrad has decided to “completely rethink” her clothing line, cancelling all spring and summer deliveries, and the girls at Vogue got giddy when attractive male matchmaker Steven Ward, VH1’s Tough Love host, paid a visit to 4 Times Square.

Kanye West put his recording trip to Hawaii on hold to hit the stage in Austin with Heartless and Love Lockdown as part of an impromptu SXSW performance. Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey picked up some new Carrera sunglasses for his dog. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber munched on maki at Bond St while Hugh Grant hung out downstairs, Padma Lakshmi shared a bottle of Dom with hotelier Vikram Chatwal at Amalia, and Ed Westwick started swearing in the street when he realized he was chasing an occupied cab in the West Village.

NBA hotshot LeBron James celebrated himself at Greenhouse Saturday night, the Ting Tings caught a Peter Bjorn and John band concert then had a late-night bite at the W, and Calvin Klein celebrated his move to L.A. by partying at the Abbey and Area. John Mayer is in a tiff with Star magazine after they printed a (false) cover story claiming the crooner was writing a tell-all about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, and Viacom billionaire Sumner Redstone is fed up with rumors that he’s having a fling with one of the company’s former flight attendants, though she did join him at the Oscars, turning heads as she stumbled down some stairs.

Annie Leibovitz won’t say why she had to borrow $15.5 million last year, but neighbors think it had something to do with renovations on her three West Village townhouses. Playboy is packing up its New York office and heading to Chicago, but none of its staffers know what’s going on. In his upcoming memoir, Korn bassist Fieldy talks about how his wife chased him with a knife when she found out he was cheating on her. He “didn’t know you had to have morals to be married.” And Michael Jackson wants to adopt another child. Eew.

Lindsay Lohan: Not Working? No Problem!