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Marty Peretz Pulls New Republic Back From the Brink

A newspaper conglomerate lays off an unbearable amount of people, a sports weekly folds, and one of the great gross morning-radio shows sputters into silence. But hark, there’s also some good in our daily roundup of media news!

New Republic editor Marty Peretz has officially purchased his shares of the magazine from Can West, the struggling Canadian newspaper giant. Franklin Foer will stay on as editor, and “editorially, Peretz said TNR will continue as it has in the past.” Aw. That reminds us of when Mark Darcy told Bridget Jones he liked her just as she is. [Politico]

• In the midst of $110 million cost-cutting measure, the McClatchy newspaper company plans to cut 1,600 jobs, or 15 percent of its workforce. [Romenesko]

• The Boston Globe shuttered its sports weekly, OT. The oversize tabloid (the letters stood not for “Oversize Tabloid” but for “Our Town/Our Teams”) printed its last issue Thursday. [Boston Globe]

• ,Sirius K-ROCK* has canceled The Opie and Anthony Show. The news broke via Twitter, the media of the future. [OpieRadio via Twitter]

* Excuse you, commenters. (Also, it’s B-U-F-F-O-O-N.)

Marty Peretz Pulls New Republic Back From the Brink