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Cuts at Boston Herald, Consolidation at AdWeek

Today was a big day, what with the Times cutting its “City” section and HuffPo running around trying to save journalism, and Fox News continuing to do whatever Fox News does. Meanwhile, alternative weeklies in L.A. are shutting down, while the Boston Herald follows the Globe with its own layoffs.

• Alternative weekly Los Angeles CityBeat folded over the weekend. [FishbowlLA/Mediabistro]

• Rodale publication Prevention cut its rate base by 15 percent, using the quantity-over-quality argument we hear from our editors so often. [Folio]

• The Boston Herald cut 24 workers, or 6 percent of its staff, because of the toxic cocktail of slumping sales and advertising revenue mixed in with a dash of deepening recession. [Boston Globe]

• Even the future’s effed. Internet ads were growing in 2008 until the big bad economy showed up and blew the growth down, according to the Internet Advertising Revenue Report. [NYT]

• The latest rumor to sweep the ad trades is that Nielsen titles Adweek, Mediaweek, and Brandweek will compress into one publication to be called Adweek. This follows on the heels of sweeping cutbacks in October. [NYP]

• The Times explains why the well-loved San Francisco Chronicle is dying: Turns out the Bay Area is the leader of the Internet revolution, that web thing that apparently kills newspapers. Other problems: The Bay Area has no center of gravity with its fragmented cities (Palo Alto, Berkeley, Oakland, here’s looking at you). [NYT]

Cuts at Boston Herald, Consolidation at AdWeek