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Morgenthau Spurns Longtime No. 2 in DA Race

Robert Morgenthau, Manhattan’s outgoing 89-year-old district attorney, has apparently gotten over his beef with protégé Cyrus Vance Jr. We reported last month that Morgenthau was a little peeved that Vance had announced his candidacy for the DA’s office before Morgenthau had even said he was stepping down. “You don’t want people picking at your corpse when you still have a pulse,” a source said at the time. But not only has Morgenthau apparently forgiven Vance — he’s actually backing him as his replacement (which indicates they may have been in cahoots since the beginning).

Vance is a family friend of Morgenthau’s, but the choice has rankled Dan Castleman, Morgy’s longtime No. 2 at the DA’s office. According to the Post, Morgy had often assured Castleman he’d back him for the position. When he indicated he’d changed his mind on Monday, Castleman resigned.

The Post also suggests that Morgy’s decision was mostly based on his desire to keep former judge Leslie Crocker Snyder, who ran against him in 2005, out of office. It seemed that Vance, who was able to start raising money and start campaigning a while ago since he’s not currently in the DA’s office, seemed like a better shot.

We understand a little better now the life force that has kept Morgenthau alive and in office so many years. Spite is a powerful, powerful thing.

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Morgenthau Spurns Longtime No. 2 in DA Race