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Old Sex Discussed in Detail at David Divorce Trial

The grossest divorce of the Greatest Depression got even grosser yesterday when lawyers for Marie Douglas-David — a Swedish countess who is trying to up the amount she agreed to in a postnuptial agreement from $36 to $100 million — got Marie’s sexagenarian husband, former United Technologies chairman George David, on the stand. As if the spectacle of a woman who spends $600 a week on flowers demanding more money from her just-as-tone-deaf husband (“That’s less than 1 percent of my worth,” a bored-sounding David sniffed when lawyers asked him about a million-dollar home he accidentally included in a list of assets. “I didn’t think it was important”) in the midst of a global recession wasn’t horrific enough, Mrs. David’s lawyers soon turned the subject to something even more horrifying: old sex.

Both parties are alleging infidelity, and apparently at a deposition back in December, lawyers had questioned Old Man David about when, exactly, he’d last had “relations” with his mistress, financial adviser Wendy Touton.

Did you state under oath that you did not recall anywhere on earth you had sex with Wendy Touton?” Beslow asked.

David said in that testimony that he didn’t remember. Beslow then asked him if he’d had relations with her on any of the trips they’d taken together to Sardinia, London, Paris and St.-Tropez.

I do not recall anywhere on earth I had sex,” David answered.

He was asked at the same deposition when he’d last seen Touton. He replied that he’d last seen her two to three days earlier at his home in Avon, Connecticut, when they’d had sex.

Stop! That’s enough! We get it! That man had sex with this woman multiple times! We understand that divorce trials are ugly for the people involved, but do they have to be this ugly for us?

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Old Sex Discussed in Detail at David Divorce Trial