Let’s Not Question Martha Stewart’s Love for Dogs, Shall We?

As you may have heard, Martha Stewart’s new chow puppy, Genghis Khan (whom she adopted after the tragic death of her previous chow, Kublai Khan Paw Paw Chow Chow Chow), was killed in a freak kennel explosion in Pennsylvania. Martha got a little flack from Gawker and “Page Six” for briefly Twittering the news yesterday, but let’s cut the woman some slack. One of her assistants probably runs her Twitter feed, and anyway, she’s 67 years old — she is probably as alienated by Twitter as your average baby boomer. She probably thought that’s what you do when a pet dies. Seriously, you can’t accuse Martha Stewart of not caring for her pets.

The domestic diva, as a matter of fact, is super-dedicated to her fleet of small dogs (and cows, and horses, and rabbits). She even started a blog last week “written by” her two French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey. On “the Daily Wag,” the two little pooches recount their daily activities for the entertainment of housebound housewives all over North America. And it is much appreciated! In the introductory post alone, there are dozens and dozens of grateful comments — from pet owners everywhere. And pets.

That’s right. The majority of the active commenters on “the Daily Wag” already appear to be fellow dogs. Here’s a sampling:

• “Hello! I am Preppy Pug living in Atlanta. If you ever visit Atlanta, we should do lunch at the doggie park with treats from the dog bakery that my mommy loves!”
• “Congrats and welcome to the cyber doggie world–from a couple of adoring fans (Norwich Terriers) in San Francisco. (And our cat Howie thinks it’s cool, but is pretending otherwise, as per usual with cats)”
•: “Bonjour! My name is Cors. My mom and dad named me after a character in Welsh mythology. But everyone assumes I am named after beer (Coors). My mom hates that. I’m a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I live in a green place with lots of cats and corn fields. Tennis balls are my favorite toys and I love peanut butter.”
• “Hello, and may I sniff your tails? I’m a mutt so pardon my forwardness. Not too well behaved in social settings, and typing is impossible until I get my nails trimmed. But what I want to know is…who IS this Martha Stewart person that is going around telling everyone to brush their dogs teeth! I’ve lived for ten years without ever having such a thing done and now I can hear them talking about doing just THAT, to me. I’m really good about nail trimming but how do you like it when Martha scrubs your gums?”
• “My name is Barney and I’m your friend across the pond in Ireland. I’m a sturdy German Shepard, getting up there in age, but aging gracefully, I might say.
• “What a fantastic blog! I wish you both great adventures & success…Obviously the two of you are very photogenic, & like me, share a deep love for fashion & acessories!”
• “Congrats and a big BOW WOW to you both for this utterly cool canine blog!
My mom is typing here cos I still am learning how to blog but follow your Mom’s blog all the time! My name is Martha and I am a Yorkshire terrier. I have two brothers named Stewart and Bentley. Hmmmm…wonder who we were named after!! ROFB…’rolling on the floor barking!!’”
• “Good Morning, my friends, i got shaved, and look fat.”

Our favorite comment from the blog, though, comes from a cat. Writes Precious: “I am a kitty, but, because you are both so adorable!!! … I will read your ‘dog blog.’ Please tell your Mommy she is looking especially beautiful these days - is it a new hair style, different make-up?? See if you can find our her secret. My Mommy would reallllly like to know. Will be in touch. Love & purrs!” Francesca and Sharkey helpfully replied to this post. “Martha, indeed, does have a new hairdresser/makeup artist, Mary Curran,” the French bulldogs explained. “Mary has parted Martha’s hair on the other side. We agree, she looks dazzling!”

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Let’s Not Question Martha Stewart’s Love for Dogs, Shall We?