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Something Fishy Is Going on With Russia!

The quirky mag lost its editor, a Canadian “business culture” magazine is headed online-only, and Joel Stein enters a brave new world — or at least attempts to.

• Canada’s Unlimited magazine, a business and work-culture publication, has suspended its print edition. “Interestingly enough, the advertisers that had been committed to the print edition have all elected to move their planned expenditures to the online magazine,” said Ruth Kelly, president and publisher of Venture Publishing. “That’s incentive for us to explore some very innovative approaches to the website.” [Masthead Online]

• Daily Intel alum Michael Idov quit his post as editor of Russia! magazine because he suspected they didn’t have financing for 2009. (Publishers insist that they do.) [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• A page-one Times story today rehashes the problems the newspaper industry is facing, declaring “no one knows which will be the first big city without a large paper, but there are candidates all across the country.” But a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found that only 33 percent of Americans believe that they would miss their local paper “a lot” if it were to fold. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

NPR is canceling all in-house newspaper subscriptions. Frugal! But not much in the way of standing in solidarity with the rest of the industry. [Romenesko]

• In an effort to “save print journalism,” Joel Stein tried to insert product placement for Pom into his column — before his editors cut it. Instead, we get a video of Joel Stein working out. [Time]

Something Fishy Is Going on With Russia!