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Stewart vs. Cramer vs. Some Guy From Louisiana vs. Stewart vs. Cramer Again

Jon Stewart and CNBC host Jim Cramer (who is also a columnist for this magazine) have been locked in a total knock-down, drag-out fight these past few days. Not like, a real fight, but a talking fight, because obviously these men are both nerds and they prefer to hit one another with words. In case you’ve missed it — and you’d be forgiven if you had, since when it comes to white people in fights there are certainly sexier ones going on right now — we’ve recapped for you after the jump.

Round One: Jon Stewart used some choice footage of Cramer making some regrettable statements about Bear Stearns in his massive takedown of CNBC last week.

Cramer then defended himself in an article on MainStreet.com, in which he makes reference to “the urban legend that I recommended Bear Stearns the week before it collapsed.”

Round Two: The Daily Show responded with an even more savage reaming, one that included a clip of Cramer indeed talking up Bear Stearns a week before the collapse and another from TheStreet.com in which Cramer literally says, “I am asking the people watching this video to buy Bear Stearns,” just seven weeks before its collapse. “F**k you!” Jon Stewart yells to Clip Cramer at the end.

Then Cramer went on the Today show and defended himself again by saying that you could probably pull clips of Warren Buffett looking like an idiot from this year. He added that he was really threatened by being made fun of by a comedian.

Hmmm. We are actually fond of Cramer, because he really seems like he has feelings. And this was probably a bad call, because he’s just going to get them hurt again. We shudder to think what The Daily Show has planned for him tonight. Perhaps they’ll have dug deep into Cramer’s past and unearthed those pictures of him naked and duct-taped to the flagpole at Springfield Township High?

And lastly, another aggrieved party has entered the fray, a man by the name of Don Harrold. Long before The Daily Show ever saw fit to lampoon CNBC, Harrold, a hard-talking Louisianian and a salesman for a day-trading system that relies on stock charts, absolutely murdered Cramer with some nicely
executed, if amateurish, videos on YouTube. Now, he feels like The Daily Show ripped him off.

But don’t be sad, Don. Maybe it’s just because Jon Stewart’s in loooooove with you.

Stewart vs. Cramer vs. Some Guy From Louisiana vs. Stewart vs. Cramer Again