The Mystery Subway Hero: Revealed! And HOT

The identity of the mystery man who leaped onto the subway tracks to aid an unconscious fellow commuter on Monday has been revealed. And there’s a bonus! He’s a hot and sexy actor! The Times tracked down Chad Lindsey (who appeared in the “Slutty Pumpkin” episode of How I Met Your Mother) after a friend tipped them off that he was the hero City Editor Wendell Jamieson spotted on his commute, covered in muck, fresh from his rescue. Lindsey, after posing for a sultry (and thoughtful!) photo near the scene of the incident, told them what happened:

“I’m kind of zoned out, and I saw this guy come too quickly to the edge,” he said. “He stopped and kind of reeled around. I felt bad, because I couldn’t get close enough to grab his coat. He fell, and immediately hit his head on the rail and passed out.” Mr. Lindsey said he sensed a train was approaching, because the platform was crowded. “I dropped my bag and jumped down there. I tried to wake him up,” he said. “He probably had a massive concussion at that point. I jumped down there and he just wouldn’t wake up, and he was bleeding all over the place.”

This is when his acting skills came into play.

This is when his acting skills came into play.

Lindsey is currently in an Off Broadway show that requires him to repeatedly lift a co-star in his arms onstage, so he was prepared for this moment.

I grabbed him from behind, like under the armpits, and kind of got him over to the platform. It wasn’t very elegant. I just hoisted him up so his belly was on the platform. It’s kind of higher than you think it is.”

Headshot break!

Chad Lindsey

Photo: Facebook.com

I couldn’t see the train coming, but I could see the light on the tracks, and I was like, ‘I’ve got to get out of this hole.’” He remembered the subway hero of 2007, Wesley Autrey, who jumped on top of a man who was having a seizure on the tracks and held him down in the shallow trench between the rails as the subway passed over them. “I was like, ‘I am not doing that. We’ve got to get out of here.’” People on the platform joined the effort. “Someone pulled him out, and I just jumped up out of there,” he said. With time to spare: “The train didn’t come for another 10 or 15 seconds or something.”

Oh! Sorry. What? We were just having heart palpitations. See, we here at Daily Intel have a thing about sexy mystery rescuers. We almost quit our jobs and moved into a pickup truck to chase surfer-savior Brian Jordan last year. Since we are a lady and a gay (and a Dan Amira), we are especially susceptible to ones that have dreamy blue eyes and freckles. We want to be rescued! Why don’t we ever nearly drown in a freak fishing accident, or pass out and collapse onto train tracks in front of an oncoming train?? It’s not fair!

Leap to Track. Rescue Man. Clamber Up. Catch a Train. [NYT]
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The Mystery Subway Hero: Revealed! And HOT