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Washington Post Reporter Unleashes Giggly Bitterness on Robert Gibbs

The Washington Post national reporter Lois Romano was among the high-profile journalists bypassed by President Obama on Tuesday night when he chose to answer questions from Univision and Essence representatives. We’re not sure, but it seems she’s a little bit peeved about it in this videotaped interview with White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. When Gibbs brushed aside her concerns, she did that thing that so many reporters (including us) do, which is to giggle and pretend it’s all in fun, and then ask another nasty question. Gibbs was not so easily thrown off:

Romano: The TelePrompTer changed last night. What was that about? [Titters nervously] It’s a big Jumbotron now?
Gibbs: I am absolutely amazed that anybody in America cares about who the president picks at a news conference or the mechanism by which he reads his prepared remarks. I guess America is a wonderful country.
Romano: [Tittering more intensely in order to deflect the attack] You’re saying this is all Washington beltway stuff? [TITTER]
Gibbs: I don’t think that should implicate the many people that live in Washington.

Reporter fail.

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Washington Post Reporter Unleashes Giggly Bitterness on Robert Gibbs