Whitney Port Is Moving On Quite Nicely

It didn’t take long for Whitney Port to get over rocker Jay Lyons. She was making out with Lipstick Jungle’s Robert Buckley at Nobu in Miami Wednesday night. Manny author (and daughter of Blackstone’s Pete Peterson) Holly Peterson and her husband, Goldman Sachs partner Richard Kimball Jr., are splitting up. After nearly twenty years, Counting Crows is calling it quits with their record label. Even though Sheryl Crow dropped out of the current Fleetwood Mac tour, we may see her sharing a stage with Stevie Nicks in the future.

Following Lindsay Lohan’s launch of her numerically named legging line and self-tanner, Justin Timberlake is naming his tequila brand “901” (for “that time of night when your evening is ending, but your night is just beginning”). Mayor Bloomberg grabbed some late-night noodles at Tang Tang Noodles & More, André Leon Talley chowed down on chimichangas at Chili’s while waiting for a plane at LAX, and K-Fed noshed on hot wings and “Swamp Water” at Brother Jimmy’s.

Though Seth Rogen had to shave his back for his sex scene in Knocked Up, in his new movie, Observe and Report, “I am shirtless, and I have back hair [in the movie], and it’s glorious.” Wrestler Chris Jericho is ready to duke it out with Wrestler star Mickey Rourke after Rourke announced that he could take the WWE star any day. Batman director Joel Schumacher led the standing ovation at a preview of West Side Story, and Broadway’s darling Kristin Chenoweth recalls some awkward onstage moments in her upcoming memoir, including an audience member pleasuring himself during one of her songs.

Rihanna can’t seem to get off easy these days. After a night at Les Deux, she was pulled over by the LAPD for not having a front license plate and for overly tinted windows. Jennifer Aniston is narrating upcoming children’s book Loukoumi’s Good Deeds with her father, but says it has nothing to do with her own desire for kids. Beyoncé isn’t letting the recession stop her from buying blinged-out undergarments. She reportedly spent $11,000 in twenty minutes at Patricia Field’s Bowery boutique, partially on a black, diamond-studded bra. A girl’s gotta have the essentials, right?

Whitney Port Is Moving On Quite Nicely