Drew Barrymore’s Garden Troubles

After the Tribeca Film Festival kicked off with Woody Allen’s Whatever Works, Larry David kvetched all evening about how much work the movie was to shoot. Mary-Kate Olsen snuggled next to The Hangover actor Bradley Cooper at a TFF party at the Royalton. When Michael Phelps and Michelle Trachtenberg showed up wearing matching color schemes at the Omega New York Flagship Boutique opening, Trachtenberg claimed that she and Phelps coordinated their outfits via Twitter, then giggled that neither she nor the swimmer tweets. “I don’t even know what ‘tweeting’ means … but it sounds dirty!” Thank God there are still a few non-tweeters out there. After a scuffle with HBO over concerns about a split vote, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange will likely go head-to-head in the Best Actress Emmy category for their performances in Grey Gardens.

Terrence Howard is mad about being replaced by Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2. The Governator will hit the big screen again in Terminator Salvation. Laura Linney picked up the tab for Liam Neeson at Café Luxembourg on the Upper West. David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Spacey, Tim Robbins, and NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon watched the Rangers beat the Washington Capitols.

Ben Bradlee, Sally Quinn, Gay and Nan Talese, Lally Weymouth, and Binky and Fareed Zakaria toasted Newsweek editor Jon Meacham and his Pulitzer Prize for American Lion, the writer’s Andrew Jackson biography. Like all successful people, Stephen Colbert says he was a loser in high school. “I was stuffed into a lot of lockers. If there was no locker, they would just stuff me into a wall.” Meanwhile Jeff Goldblum collected cell-phone numbers from some svelte ladies during his early-morning trip to Equinox on West 17th. Matthew McConaughey refuses to wear deodorant. Comedian Dane Cook called his brother’s theft of millions of dollars of his own money “a terrible betrayal.”

Samantha Ronson updated her Facebook relationship status to “It’s Complicated” with Lindsay Lohan. Sex and the City stylist Pat Field compared her life to pizza while at the Red Bull Space. Courtney Love (who recently lost all the money Kurt Cobain left her) says that Pamela Anderson doesn’t have a credit card and lives in a trailer park. Granted, the trailer park is Paradise Cove in Malibu, where trailers cost $325,000 and homes go for $1.2 million. Katie Couric told Susan Boyle that Randy Jackson is “kind of sexy in his own way.” Meanwhile, ol’ Suz got a new haircut. Michael Lohan’s alleged illegitimate daughter is likely a hoax.

Drew Barrymore’s Garden Troubles