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Eliot Spitzer May Want His Old AG Job Back

Okay, for fun, let’s make a list of jobs in fields outside of politics that you just can’t go back to doing once you’ve stopped:

• Being a cast member on Saturday Night Live after you’ve left for a big movie career that never took off.
• Being on The View after you’ve pissed off Barbara Walters.
• Being the editor-in-chief of a magazine after you’ve given up on print to start a much-hyped website venture.
• Running a giant auto company after the president of the United States asked you to step down.
• Being a serious actress after you’ve “launched your pop music career.”
• Being a serious chef after you’ve starred in a reality show about your restaurant, particularly if it featured your mother as a primary character.
• Playing a sexy ingénue after you’ve turned 40 and been dumped by Brad Pitt for a real-life sexy ingénue.

In much the same way that other people cannot go back to doing the above things, it seems as though Eliot Spitzer can’t go back to being attorney general of New York State after he was busted taking part in a criminal prostitution ring. It just doesn’t feel right, even if the post will be vacant when Andrew Cuomo runs for governor. Oh, and we take it back about Jennifer Aniston. We’ll go see any movie she’s in that involves pratfalls, moping around in cardigans, side braids, and a happy ending.


Eliot Spitzer May Want His Old AG Job Back