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Entertainment Weekly Publisher Out

As we all wait with bated breath to see who wins the ASMEs tonight, bad news is still chugging along in the media. In today’s Deathwatch, the leader of a massive but recently troubled title hits the road for greener pastures.

• A hard-up HuffPo blogger today suggested that HuffPo bloggers “post on its advertiser, H&R Block’s, site for actual money.” (Note the term “actual” money, as opposed to the intangible, special compensation that HuffPo bloggers get in their hearts, we suppose.) “The only economically viable option for the future of journalism lies in the direct corporate sponsorship of content.” [HuffPo]

• The Baltimore Sun layoff count stands at around 61 now. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• After a year of flagging ad sales and declining circulation, Entertainment Weekly publisher Scott Donaton is out. [MediaWeek]

Entertainment Weekly Publisher Out