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Hedge-Funder Bill Ackman Has Fishies in His Shower

Hedge-fund pirate Bill Ackman has put his nineteenth-floor, eleven-room, four-bedroom, two-terrace apartment at the Majestic on Central Park West on the market, and has even set up a website, which informs the reader, with Ackman’s typical bravado, that the penthouse, “one of the great entertaining and family homes of the Upper West Side” recently underwent a “superb no-expense-spared renovation” during which it was kitted out with “Guerin hardware, Waterworks fixtures, Viking, Sub-Zero, and Miele appliances.”

Also, as you can see from the photo here, there are fishies painted on the wall in the bathtub!

To which we imagine Ackman quietly sings songs as he splashes in his bubble bath after a long day spent tearing into the soft, soft flesh of baggy corporations with his sharp, sharp corporate-raider teeth. In fact, screw the appliances, the image of him doing that alone is worth the $12 million price tag.

(Oh, and confidential to Jeffrey Goldberg, the Atlantic reporter who asked Ackman for financial advice recently: Next time, you might try going straight to the real brains behind his operation. The Observer writes that when Ackman wanted to put the apartment on the market for $12 million, “he bowed to the will of his mother-in-law,” who said it was only worth $10 million. “It’s my mother-in-law; I didn’t want to argue with her,” Ackman told the paper. “I think it’s worth more, but she insisted on the asking price.” Now we know who runs that show.)

15 Central Park West
Mighty Financier Ackman Defers to Mother-in-Law, Lists Majestic Co-op for $10 M.; Wanted $12 M. [Updated] [NYO via Curbed]

Hedge-Funder Bill Ackman Has Fishies in His Shower