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In Media, Nothing You Do Will Ever Be Enough

Today taught us that whether you’ve launched your own successful social-networking site or taken a bullet for your company, you will never be good enough to hang on to your own job. And also, more layoffs.

• The MySpace CEO was maybe fired — from his own company. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• A recent victim of the great newspaper massacre was also the recent victim of an actual gunman — we learned yesterday that Todd Smith, a former reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s “Suburban Journals,” was shot while covering a city-hall meeting last year. And then he was laid off. After taking a bullet for the paper. What the hell does it take to keep a job in this economy?!?! [Romenesko]

• Yahoo will cut another 5 percent from its workforce after a profit loss of 78 percent as compared to last quarter. [WSJ via Mediabistro]

• The Chicago Tribune cut another 53 jobs yesterday — almost half as many as Crain’s predicted last week. [Romenesko]

• The editor-in-chief and CEO of Mansueto Ventures, John Koten, is taking a “leave of absence.” It is not clear yet whether this is an actual “leave of absence” or more of an “I’m absenting myself so this place will leave me alone forever” kind of move. Mansueto owns Fast Company and Inc. magazines. [MediaInk/NYP]

• The Colorado Springs Gazette is getting bloggy in print, launching an abbreviated version of its daily paper. [Romenesko]

In Media, Nothing You Do Will Ever Be Enough