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Jossip ‘on Pause,’ Barbara Walters Awkwardly Twittering

Barbara Walters pulled an Oprah and lost her “twitter virginity” (needless to say, ew). While not celebrating their five Pulitzers, the New York Times rediscovered Twitter in a number of short, uninteresting ways that conflate twitter with youth (original!). In today’s main media news, Jossip bites the celebrity gossip dust.

• Not even celebrities are able to keep media afloat. Jossip is mysteriously “on pause” after being on sale since March. Editor Drew Grant confirms the news on, where else, the American Society of Shitcanned Media Elites. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• The Ecologist in Britain, the environmentally crusading magazine whose director is Zac Goldsmith, will publish as an online-only magazine from June, and its final printed issue will hit U.K. newsstands June 19. But get this — they’re doing it for the environment. [WWD]

• McClatchy has been notified that they run the risk of being de-listed on the New York Stock Exchange. [Tampa Bay Business Journal]

Jossip ‘on Pause,’ Barbara Walters Awkwardly Twittering