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Layoffs at Richmond Times-Dispatch, More at Gannett?

• Tipsters tell Twitter and the Gannett blog that the Gannett Company has launched another round of layoffs, affecting at least 69 staffers throughout the company. [Media Is Dying/Twitter, Gannett Blog]

Maxim U.K. is going online-only, where it will have to work harder to compete with porn. [Media Week]

• A sign that the outlook for newspapers is grim (aside from these daily posts that we’ve written since November): The American Journalism Review is already asking “What if?” The publication ponders: Could newspapers have suffered less of a downturn if the Associated Press hadn’t given access to online publications like AOL in the nineties? We may never know. [American Journalism Review]

• The Times union would rather fire middle managers than have everyone take a pay cut. [Gawker]

• The Richmond Times-Dispatch laid off 59 employees. [Times-Dispatch]

Layoffs at Richmond Times-Dispatch, More at Gannett?