U.S. Marshal Appalled by Bernie Madoff’s Decorating Choices

Yesterday, U.S. Marshals confiscated Bernie Madoff’s yacht, Bull, and then busted into Madoff’s $9.3 million Palm Beach estate — which, fun fact, is also the former home of Peter and Roxanne Pulitzer — to take an inventory of his belongings. During this process, Deputy U.S. Marshal Barry Golden apparently provided running, Robin Leach–esque commentary to various reporters. “We’re seizing the property as we speak,” he told Reuters.

It’s a fully furnished lived-in house.” (The news service also noted that the “backyard pool is fringed with palms and a flowering bougainvillea,” which we can only imagine Golden told them on background so that he wouldn’t sound like a fruit.)

Then he talked to the New York Post. “There are more doors than we expected,” he said.

He was with the Palm Beach Post when he got inside, and came face to face with Bernie’s bull fetish. “I’ve never seen so much bull in my life,” he said. “Pictures of bulls, bull statues, even bulls on clothing. There’s a lot of bull in the house.”

Ha! We love this guy. VH1 should totally hire him to narrate The Fabulous Life of Ponzi Schemers.

U.S. Marshal Appalled by Bernie Madoff’s Decorating Choices