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FHM Is Looking for an Editor-in-chief

Start your engines, ex-Blender and -Mogue editors.

• Bauer Publishing’s longtime editorial director of men’s magazines, who was also the editor-in-chief of FHM, is leaving the company. According to Brand Republic, “the role of editorial director will not be replaced, but Bauer Media is searching for a new FHM editor with Chris Bell, the deputy editor, becoming acting editor in the interval.” Emphasis ours, because, holy crap, a media job! [Brand Republic via Mediabistro]

• Investors were begging to buy the Boston Globe in 2006, but now no one wants it anymore. [Politico]

The Wall Street Journal is planning to charge higher rates for niche or tailored content, though few details have been released. [Romenesko]

• Aww, Minneapolis Star-Tribune journalists have created a “save our paper!” site. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

FHM Is Looking for an Editor-in-chief