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NPR, Hachette Cut Back

NPR negs employee holidays and lets off some more staff, just to make sure nobody enjoys the weather this weekend. Also, Yahoo killed GeoCities. That, and more, in our roundup of the media doldrums.

NPR canceled Memorial Day, Independence Day, and (ha!) Labor Day. The company has also forced employees to take five-day “vacations,” and thirteen staffers were laid off. [Romenesko]

• Roger Ailes’s Putnam County News & Recorder (the publisher is Ailes’s wife, Elizabeth) is pulling an O’Reilly on the competition. The paper reports that while the Journal News is in financial trouble, the paper’s president-publisher owns several homes, including one worth over $3 million. Wonder how many homes Elizabeth and Roger own. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• White House press secretary Robert Gibbs gave media a “strong A” during his appearance on The Situation Room last night. Aw shucks, Mr. Gibbs, that’s the first nice thing anyone has said about media in a long time! [Politico]

• Yahoo is killing GeoCities, a remnant of the Internet’s early heyday. [Mediabistro]

• Hachette is “outsourcing certain functions in IT and Finance,” and also cutting freelance pay. [Gawker]

NPR, Hachette Cut Back