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Oh No, the Pirate Is Sad!

This morning, Somali pirate Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse looked like he was having an excellent time on his way to court. He was in New York City, and everyone was paying attention to him, and taking pictures of him, and it was all probably a little bit intoxicating! But once he got inside, Wal-i-Musi acted far more subdued:

Wal-i-Musi was asked if he understood that two lawyers were being assigned to his case because he reported having no financial resources.

Through an interpreter, Wal-i-Musi replied, “I understand. I don’t have any money.”

He then sobbed when his lawyers mentioned contacting his family in Somalia.

Wal-i-Musi - his scrawny 5-foot-2 frame so slight that his prison clothes draped loosely over his body - put his head in his uninjured hand in despair as his lawyers made their case.

You know it’s a heartrending scene when even the Post sounds like they feel bad for the guy. We think probably, once away from the maddening crowd, Wal-i-Musi got upset because he finally realized what was happening to him: He was a celebrity. A celebrity in America. Even in Somalia, they’ve seen those head-shaving pictures of Britney Spears, and know this is one of the darkest roads a human being can go down.

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Oh No, the Pirate Is Sad!