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Sex on Skates Opens Up to Tyra About Unsafe Sex

Why Levi Johnston would agree to give his first big talk-show interview to Tyra Banks we’ll never know, but we’re delighted he did. Because no other TV host — or, God forbid, serious journalist — would have the kind of conversation she did during an episode taped this week, to air on Monday. In it, she doesn’t let Levi’s mumbled, one-word answers get in the way of her prize: that is, an admission that he and Bristol Palin occasionally practiced unsafe sex, perhaps leading to the conception of their child, Tripp. (Also, Sarah Palin “probably knew” they were sexually active.) Here’s a transcript of the brief bit of genius:

Tyra: I have to ask you a personal question, but you’re on my “Tyra Couch” and there are no personal questions! Um, were you practicing safe sex?
Levi: Yeah.
Tyra: Really? Even when the baby was conceived?
Levi: We were.
Tyra: And so there was a wardrobe malfunction?

Levi: I guess.
Tyra: Yeah?
Levi: Yeah?
Tyra: Really?
Levi: Yeah, I guess so.
Tyra: Every time you practiced safe sex?
Tyra: Every time?
Levi:Every time.
Tyra: Levi!
Levi: Most of the time.
Tyra: There you go!!

Levi Johnston Speaks [Tyra Banks Show]

Sex on Skates Opens Up to Tyra About Unsafe Sex