SJP and Matthew Broderick Gin Up Some Twins

Britney Spears has a three-year-long restraining order placed on her former manager. This is following last month’s restraining order against her ex, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. Doug Reinhardt got into a bar brawl at Hollywood hot spot h.wood when some guy tried to grab girlfriend Paris Hilton’s breast. Rihanna’s been bouncing around Barbados with some dude who looks just like Chris Brown. Grey Goose dropped its sponsorship of Steven Soderbergh’s Tribeca Film Festival party when they found out that Soderbergh’s film, The Girlfriend Experience, starred porn sensation Sasha Grey. Proving that famous people make the same decisions about marriage that regular people do, recently strained couple Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick arranged for twin girls to arrive in their home this summer through a surrogate pregnancy. Just think how much fun it will be for them to have a 60-year-old mom most famous for Sex and the City when they’re going through puberty!

Michael Douglas is starring in a sequel of his 1987 hit Wall Street. Ed Koch is outraged over the documentary Outrage because of its claims that “his record on AIDS and gay rights was virtually nonexistent,” though he doesn’t seem to mind that the film notes his “well-established affair with a man he subsequently ran out of town.” Susan Boyle is looking for a book deal, but publishing execs aren’t too eager to sign her.

The Biggest Loser is up for some competition. Men’s Health editor Dave Zinczenko is creating a reality show based on his Eat This, Not That! books. David Beckham is pairing up with Adidas to launch a line of men’s sneakers. Moby suffered a kickboxing injury by just walking into the ring. Josh Hartnett emptied out all the cash in his pockets, looking for enough money to buy a drink at the Kid Cudi show.

Chace Crawford is looking to move out of his and Ed Westwick’s Chelsea pad, and Westwick has “I [Heart] Romance” tattooed across his forearm because he saw it in a bathroom stall of a Brooklyn bar and “thought it was cool.” Strippers at the grand opening of Sapphire East were prohibited from undressing until Samantha Ronson finished her set, claiming the “girl-crazy” D.J. can’t concentrate with naked women running around. Alexis Bledel and Leighton Meester handled the heat by wearing dresses with midriff-baring holes. Just when you thought she couldn’t get any classier, Heidi Montag is in talks to pose for Playboy, and new hubbie Spencer Pratt thinks this is a great idea. The couple is also honeymooning in Mexico. Not that there’s an infestation of swine flu down there or anything.

SJP and Matthew Broderick Gin Up Some Twins