Tell Us About What Happened in Vegas

Yes, we know, what happens there stays there, and you could get in a lot of trouble with your friends/husband/employer if they knew what you did the last time you were in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. But really, what fun is keeping all those juicy stories to yourself? New York would like to offer you the chance to break the boring cone of silence — anonymously, of course. For an upcoming article in the magazine, we want to know the wildest things you’ve done in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Legal or illegal, innocent or wicked, clever or full-blown idiotic — doesn’t matter to us, as long as it was memorable and has never before been shared in public.

Here’s two to get you started:

• After a night of doing bad things, managing editor Jessica Coen passed out on the floor of the food court of the MGM Grand. Or was it the Mirage? She can’t remember. All she knows is that she was wearing a bikini top and shorts, and the floor her face landed on was marble and hard. That’s why she has all gold teeth now.

• Intel Chris, on the other hand, has a story that is embarrassing in a different way. As happens to so many people in Vegas, he turned into a different person — a 90-year-old person: “I was too afraid to play at the tables, so I only played the slots,” he confessed. “And then when I won $100, instead of gambling more, I bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil.”

The rest of Team Intel hasn’t been to Vegas, but they know that if they do go, their stories will top those — how could they not? And yours will, too! Give them up in the comments, or write to

Tell Us About What Happened in Vegas