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Brooklyn Steppers Leader Accused of Sexual Relations With Band Member

After a ten-month probe, a report by the Special Commissioner of Investigation has concluded that the head of the Brooklyn Steppers — the renowned marching band that took part in President Obama’s inaugural ceremonies — had an “inappropriate” relationship with a 17-year-old band member (“Student A”). Tyrone Brown, 31, admits that the two were close but denies that anything sexual ever occurred. Here’s a look at the compiled evidence against him:

• Student A once answered Brown’s door in her pajamas.

• Student A and Brown were spotted, at various times, flirting, holding hands, and hugging.

• The two were seen shopping at Victoria’s Secret in Brooklyn before a group trip to Bermuda.

• On the trip, the two had adjoining hotel rooms and were reportedly inseparable.

• After the trip, a former employee of Brown’s contends, Brown called a meeting and admitted to the affair in front of the staff of the Brooklyn School for Music and Theater.

• One of Student A’s friends says Brown asked her how she would feel if he and Student A were in a relationship.

• Brown’s estranged wife claims he also admitted the affair to her.

Now we know at this point you’re saying to yourselves, “So what? That doesn’t seem like compelling evidence to me at all.” But here’s the kicker: Between May 22 and June 22 of 2008, a one-month span, Brown and the student exchanged a total of 2,999 text messages. No two people have ever texted that much without having sex. The prosecution rests.

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Brooklyn Steppers Leader Accused of Sexual Relations With Band Member