Can Jennifer Aniston Just Date Bradley Cooper Already?

Worldwide Entertainment Group is suing Paris Hilton, claiming she failed to promote her 2006 sorority flick, Pledge This!, for which the company was an investor. Hilton, however, fiercely defended herself in a Miami federal court. “Any chance I got … I would bring it up” by saying “Oh, my new sorority film, it’s going to be sexy, it’s going to be really hot girls.” Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper were flirty all night at the Table 8 party for Aniston’s new flick, Management. After Cooper stealthily sneaked past the red carpet, Aniston “kept touching his chest and whispering in his ear.” Then Cooper changed shirts. And though Aniston’s reps deny it, sources say that Brad Pitt picked her up from the film’s set, and that the two have been busy talking and texting. Lindsay Lohan insists that she and Samantha Ronson are now just friends. In fact, they had a slumber party on Tuesday night.

Michelle Obama requested a no-reporter rule at Tuesday’s Time 100 gala, where the First Lady sat with Oprah Winfrey (who twittered throughout the ceremony), Time editor Rick Stengel, and Gayle King, while Stella McCartney hung out with Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson. Emcee Jimmy Fallon also gave Bernie Madoff a little shout-out, joking, “Bernie loves Time. In fact, he’s doing it right now.” Blackstone’s Pete Peterson hired director Joel Schumacher to help roast Four Seasons owners Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder with a short film at the restaurant’s 50th-anniversary party Tuesday night. Barbara Walters forgot that she interviewed Obama on The View. And she told him so.

NBC is abuzz over MSNBC’s hiring of Dylan Ratigan after he clashed with CNBC’s V.P. Susan Krakower in March. Marcia Gay Harden celebrated her God of Carnage Drama Desk nod at Il Bastardo with Geoffrey Rush and Jane Fonda. Chris Noth had some Cabernet at Primehouse New York. Prince Charles, Princes William and Harry, Robin Williams, the Dalai Lama, and Harrison Ford all appear (alongside a frog) in a PSA for Prince Charles’s Rainforest Project.

Justin Timberlake sported a slew of odd beards and hats in a (failed) attempt to avoid the paparazzi on the London set of girlfriend Jessica Biel’s new movie, Easy Virtue. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shared some close off-camera time at a Sam Bradley show while filming Twilight’s sequel in Vancouver. Britney Spears picked up Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics album at the Mohegan Sun casino. And much to the surprise of the United Jewish Appeal, director Norman Jewison is not Jewish.

Can Jennifer Aniston Just Date Bradley Cooper Already?