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CNBC’s Jeff Macke Doesn’t Understand Why People Are Confused When He Speaks

Dennis Kneale asked CNBC Fast Money host Jeff Macke a question about the credit markets today, and Macke went, to appropriate his own expression, off the rails. The resulting conversation was so head-splitting that we transcribed part of it, as we have in the past, so that we and the researchers working on what we are sure will one day be dubbed Kelly Bensimon Syndrome can better understand what transpired.

Jeff Macke: I’m going to talk to you like a child. If you understand me, then just say yeah.

Dennis Kneale: Okay, yeah.

Jeff Macke: See, you’re what happens, when you’re trying to talk to car people. Like a half-hour ago. I dismissed these people years ago. And now that I’m trying to finally engage them … they have no idea what I’m talking about.

Dennis Kneale: Okay …

Jeff Macke: Yeah. It’s a really simple thing, but either you’re kinda tweaked, but you get this joke, which I’m assuming that 90 percent of you does, or you’re even more confused now. I’m just trying to be the voice of reason, guiding you to the light.

Dennis Kneale: [Trying to recover with a simple question] Okay. So, tell me, this week, markets up or markets down?

Jeff Macke: I don’t know, I’ve dismissed this whole game, as soon as I started talking to car people this morning. Either that’s really enigmatic to you, or else you’re starting to feel the Band-Aid come off.

At this point, Kneale cuts to a different guest. But he comes back to Macke for more! “Am I going crazy? Yes or no?” Macke asks, before they finally, mercifully, cut away, presumably before he finishes by adding, “I’m up here, and the car companies are down here.”

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CNBC’s Jeff Macke Doesn’t Understand Why People Are Confused When He Speaks