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Further Evidence That Former Lehman CEO Richard Fuld Is Pure Evil

We were just browsing through the photos of former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld’s apartment, which the Observer informed us yesterday he and his wife have quietly put on the market, and we were not disappointed. We always knew the Gorilla had a soft side, and his apparent preference for ruffles, ruching, and curvy furniture in a style of which Marie Antoinette would have wholly approved suggests we were correct. We were, however, disturbed when we got to photo No. 3 on the Stribling website. What are those creatures on the table there? we wondered. Dogs? No … but the shape of the head, the pointiness of the nose … combined with the fleshiness of the body and the comparative skinniness of the legs reminded us of something. What could it have been?

Then we realized: It was the Montauk Monster. Holy crap, we thought to ourselves. All last summer we tried to figure out what that thing was, and meanwhile Dick and Kathy had two of them right in their home since at least 2006! Not that we can’t see why they didn’t come forward, since instead of donating these exotic creatures to a zoo or letting them run free, they apparently had them stuffed and put on display. And are they wearing outfits? God. The cruelty of these people knows no bounds.

Update, From the Department of Downers: Observer reporter Max Abelson informs us that the Stribling photos were taken right before the Fulds bought the place, and therefore the little Monties and everything else belonged to Evelyn Annenberg Jaffe Hall, the 93 year old whose estate they bought the place from. The only exotic stuffed creature Fuld keeps in his apartment, apparently, is Lewis Glucksman.

Oh, kidding.

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Further Evidence That Former Lehman CEO Richard Fuld Is Pure Evil