Meghan McCain Has a Temper Just Like Her Father’s

Meghan McCain caused a fuss at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ dinner when security wouldn’t let two of her friends in with her one extra ticket, saying “Does he even know who the fuck I am?” Tom Cruise, meanwhile, knew his place: When asked if he would be making the trek down to D.C., Cruise replied, “I’m an actor, not a politician.” Here in New York, Ruth Madoff schlepped an unidentified rolling bag up Lexington Avenue.

In the June issue of Gotham magazine, Robin Wright Penn awkwardly gushes about how marriage is “real work, but that’s what you sign up for. And it pays off beautifully, it really does. The outcome, the reward is so great because then your love grows out of those hard times.” Too bad she’s divorcing Sean Penn now. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long smooched at Marie’s Crisis piano bar while the crowd belted Sondheim show tunes around them. Nick Cannon is mad that Eminem has a thing for his wife, Mariah Carey, blogging that he wants to “meet up and deal with this like adults.” Then he calls him “Slim Lamey.” No one approves of Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s latest flame, Dax Miller, a beach-loving, skateboard-riding events producer from L.A.

Some drunk dude practicing his kung fu punches knocked over a server at the opening of Ono’s outdoor garden at the Gansevoort, sending a full tray flying onto Shannen Doherty’s table. Meanwhile at the Gansevoort in Miami, Dennis Rodman left without paying his $1,000 bill, causing a scuffle with a hotel staff member who eventually got hit in the face. ESPN won’t put the week’s hottest reporter, A-Rod writer Selena Roberts, on air, because she rejected their job offer a year and a half ago and gave her first interviews to Bob Costas and the Today show. To catch the attention of New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani, author John Wray showed off the Magic Marker tattoo of her face that he had sprawled across his chest at Joe’s Pub the other night.

The BBC is banning Lily Allen for her less-than-clean language. Leighton Meester doesn’t suck as a background singer in Cobra Starship’s new single, “Good Girls Go Bad.” Shirley Jones’s husband wants her to pose for Playboy. The leotard, sans-pants trend sported by Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, and Beyoncé really has to end.

Meghan McCain Has a Temper Just Like Her Father’s