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Gossip Girl Spinoff Appears to Be Back On

After Nikki Finke reported last week that the Gossip Girl spinoff was off, the CW told us she was wrong. Then we heard from an Important Hollywood Source that Finke was right, it was off; then a couple of days later our Source turned around and said, actually, no, it is back on. So who knows. All we know for sure is that the pilot for Lily — which is a boring name, so we’re going to continue calling it The Adventures of Bullwinkle — will air tonight, and creator Stephanie Savage gave an interview to some blogger telling them what to expect.

For instance, when the blogger asked what year the show would be set in, this is what Savage had to say:

We’re going to try and be somewhat vague about that, just so we don’t get trapped in nitpicking

Ha! Nitpickers! That’s you and us she’s talking about, commenters.
She went on:

but we’re starting somewhere around 1983. The idea is that it’s Lily in high school, so we wanted to give it a nice long run before it turns into the 90s when she’d be meeting Rufus.

Wait wait wait. We’re not the brightest penny in the packet when it comes to mathematics, but we think Savage just said she was imagining this show will run for over seven years. Holy hell! By 2016 Intel Jessica’s boobs will be swinging somewhere down around her navel and Chris will be wearing Depends underneath his opaque white tights! If these shows survive that long, we’re not sure we will. If anyone needs us the rest of the afternoon, we’ll be in the bathroom, crying.

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Gossip Girl Spinoff Appears to Be Back On