Katherine Heigl Has Gone Too Far

Katherine Heigl was just kicked off the casting list for Garry Marshall’s upcoming flick after demanding $3 million to be part of its star-studded ensemble cast — more than any of the other celebs involved, including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, and Ashton Kutcher. If you thought LiLo was a mess, her father, Michael Lohan, allegedly threatened to kill his fiancée and himself when she tried to dump him. Rapper T.I. showed up late to his year-and-a-day sentence in an Arkansas prison. We wouldn’t be too eager to get that started either. Paris Hilton turned down a free bottle of Champagne at London’s Baroque club, sneering to Doug Reinhardt, “we only do shots.” And Rihanna and Chris Brown are both prepping for roles on the big screen.

Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and Steven van Zandt chilled at the Waverly Inn. Kelis celebrated her and Nas’s baby-on-the-way with a baby shower at Soho House, receiving understated goodies like a Louis Vuitton diaper bag. Sean Penn sipped a pre-lunch cognac at Macelleria as Naomi Watts shot a scene for Fair Game outside. The West Village’s Morton Street, home to Rupert Everett, Michael Cera, and Gisele, is infested with rats. Poker champ Vadim Trincher just bought a condo below The Donald at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, paying $1 million below the $6 million asking price.

Derek Jeter hung out with a slew of hot women at World Bar in Trump World Tower, where he lives. Andy Roddick is donating a one-hour private tennis lesson for the auction at St. Jude’s “Chocolate au Vin” benefit tomorrow night, where Kristin Davis will be the honorary chair. Kelly Bensimon annoyed everyone at Lisa Rinna’s book launch of Rinnavation at Greenhouse. Lily Allen Twitter-trashed Susan Boyle. Mid-Cannes, Mariah Carey fired her stylist, Ricardo Rojas. Justin Timberlake looked like a hot Oliver Twist while sitting courtside at a Laker game. Stephanie Tanner (a.k.a. Jodie Sweetin) reveals her secret past as a drug abuser in her new tell-all, UnSweetined.” Catchy, no?

After falling asleep during two high-profile events earlier this year, Larry Summers conked out during a private meeting with Obama last week. Kim Kardashian says, “Shame on you, California!” for upholding the gay-marriage ban. In Prince Harry’s first official visit to the U.S. this weekend, when he’ll play at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic, he’ll also be helping a 21-year-old war hero who lost both his legs in Afghanistan. And “Page Six” hears that Cosmo editor Kate White “has come out with yet another fabulous beach read, Lethally Blonde, in time for summer,” even though that book came out exactly two years ago.

Katherine Heigl Has Gone Too Far